Mission Statement

Construction workers setting concrete forms
  • To be informed on and co-ordinate construction industry activities and programs.
  • To engage in public relations, education and advertising promotions on a building construction industry wide basis as is necessary to develop and increase consumer’s demand so as to maintain maximum building construction activity.
  • To improve cooperation and coordination between Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Subcontractors and Owners.
  • To improve cooperation and coordination between contractors subcontractors and unions in order to provide a stable and well qualified work force.
  • To initiate, improve and promote programs for the achievement of representative employment of minority groups in all phases of the Building Construction Industry. This shall include but not be limited to, the programs and operations of the Construction Action Committee, an Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation.
  • To improve, promote and advance programs of training for persons desiring to qualify for employment in the Building Construction Industry including building construction employees apprentice training, pre-apprentice training and journeyman upgrading.
  • To establish and conduct educational programs for the general public and the Building Construction Industry which will improve and increase the contribution of the Building Construction Industry to the community.
  • To protect existing standards within the Building Construction Industry and revise such standards whenever necessary to keep pace with new developments in the industry including, but not limited to, development of proper and sound building codes and safety and health standards.
  • To initiate and maintain a method of cataloging and cross referencing information on jurisdictional assignments of work.
  • To evaluate, study, formulate and institute programs which will make it possible for the Building Construction Industry to be of greater service to the public. To engage in any proper and legal activity which will increase the effectiveness of the Building Construction Industry.
Construction workers shaking hands